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The Official Photograph Partner of Star Wars
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John Boyega as Finn 11x14 Autographed in Red Ink Photo

  • PRICE: $199.99
  • Item Number: 19MAILIN-OSHOSHAN
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For fans unable to attend Star Wars Celebration in person we are pleased to offer a mail-in service for your items.

Mail in your Poster, Photo, or other Small Memorabilia item (must weigh under 5 pounds shipped) to get signed.

Due the anticipated volume of items we have the following guidelines below.

Please be sure to read and follow the directions in their entirety.

• We are only accepting posters, photos, and other small items that weigh 5 lbs. or less shipped.

•Please describe the location of your signature as detailed as possible; please attach a post it to the item designating the ink and signing location as well

•$39.99 Ground shipping fee is comprised of a $24.99 shipping fee and a $15.00 handling fee

•By completing this purchase, customer is solely responsible and accepts all risk

• Customer is solely responsible and accepts all risk for the proper packaging and delivery of the item to the listed fulfillment location

•All items must be in hand at the fulfillment location by 4/1/19

• No personalization's or inscriptions can be guaranteed due to volume

• Items must be clean and of good taste. Anything not meeting these standards will be returned to the customer un-signed at your expense

•Item will be signed in Blue, Gold, Silver, or Black sharpie (designated by your selection) and we are not accepting other markers, pens, or signing utensils.

•Only Star Wars branded items will receive an authentication hologram, autographs on any non-Star Wars related items will NOT be authenticated.

• Please note: Customer is responsible for shipment of the item to the address provided and will cover all initial shipping costs in addition to the order total upon checkout.

• At this time this offer is only valid for customers in the continental United States

Please note:

• Each individual item to be autographed must be packaged and shipped its own carton. MULTIPLE UNITS PER CARTON ARE NOT ALLOWED. Even if your order has two items they MUST be mailed separately.

• Please package your item well. The same carton used to ship your item to us for autograph will be used to ship the signed item back to you

• After your order is placed, within 48 business hours, you will receive an email from Star Wars Authentics Customer Service. This email will have TWO attachments.

•The PDF with your Order info/Total costs should be printed and placed inside of your package. If you placed multiple preorder items in one order PLEASE HIGHLIGHT THE ONE ITEM that is the box (remember items need to be mailed separately)

• The second PDF will have your Order Number, SKU Number, and Unique Box #. This page MUST be printed and securely attached to the OUTSIDE of the box.

• All signed items will be shipped back to you via UPS Ground. Please ensure you have selected the correct shipping address during checkout. This CANNOT be changed after the order is placed. PO BOXES ARE NOT ALLOWED. A signature will be required for the delivery of your item.

• Each individual item to be autographed will only be signed by one person. MULTIPLE AUTOGRAPHS ARE NOT ALLOWED

• Shipment MUST ARRIVE BY 04/01/2019