Star Wars Authentics
The Official Photograph Partner of Star Wars


I purchased my autograph/photo ticket online, what happens next?

All customers will be emailed “print at home” tickets 1-3 business days after purchase. Combo autograph & photo ticket purchasers will receive three total tickets, one for the autograph line, one for the photo op line and one $10 coupon that can only be used at our Celebration store. Customers can print this ticket at any time, pick up your ticket in the presale ticket line (booth #141), or you can load this ticket on your smartphone device.

Will tickets be sold at Celebration?

Yes. We will be selling tickets in our booth area (#141). Please note, tickets that have been sold out during our presale will not be available for sale at Celebration.

What does the GROUP Letter found on my ticket mean?

GROUP A ticket holders can line up 15-30 minutes prior to the FIRST schedule time slot for the respective actor for each day. GROUPS B-E will be called to line up following GROUP A.

Digital & Audio announcements will be made beginning with GROUP A and ending with GROUP E when to proceed to your respective autograph or photo ops queue line. Individuals CANNOT join a GROUP letter that precedes your assigned GROUP letter.

For an example, similar to airplane boarding, if you are assigned GROUP A, you are welcome to join all other GROUP letters. Note, you will not get line priority over other GROUP letters if you arrive after GROUP A is announced.

I have an Autograph Ticket (Includes Combo Ticket), What is the process?

Please check our schedule to get your line number. There is a max of three (3) tickets each customer can get fulfilled during one line entry for actors in lines #1-#10 and a max of ten (10) tickets for line #11-#19. You will be required to re-enter the line to get additional tickets fulfilled.

Lines (1-9) – You will be required to PICKUP your 8x10 photo at our Photo PICKUP area located behind our ticket sales booth. Upon picking your photo, you ticket will be scanned. Then proceed to your line queue and your ticket will be scanned and the end of the queue line for the autograph.

Lines (10-19) –Proceed directly to the line queue and pick up your photo at the autograph table. Your ticket will be scanned twice, once for the 8x10 photo and once for the autograph.

Tickets are only valid for the date you purchased.

Larger photo options are available for an additional cost at our Star Wars Authentics Store located inside in our booth area.

I have a Photo Ops Ticket (Includes Combo Ticket), What is the process?

Please check our schedule. There will be two photo line queues.

Once your GROUP letter is announced, proceed to the photos ops booth for queuing, where your ticket will be scanned. After you photo is taken, you will receive an 8x10 photo after a few minutes. You will also have the option to buy additional 8x10 copies and/or a digital copy for $15 each.

I have a Combo Ticket, what is the process?

Combo tickets will be fulfilled in two separate lines. Please check our schedule.

Following directions above for autograph tickets and photo ops tickets.

I purchased the wrong date, what do I do?

You will be required to visit our customer service booth, which is located in our ticket sales area and a new ticket will be issued for the correct date. Please note, exchanges will only be made for the identical ticket in your original purchase with the corrected date. Date changes can only be made if space is available on the requested date.

I have a Jedi Master Pass, what does this entitle me to?

There will be a separate VIP Fast Lane at our ticket booth and VIP Fast Path to the autograph & photo ops queue lines. A Star Wars Authentics representative will escort VIP pass holders to their respective queue line and you will get line priority. If you require a photo pickup, you will be escorted to the PICKUP booth and you will get line priority.

I lost or can’t print my pre-sale ticket, what do I do?

Customers that have misplaced or can’t print their ticket ahead of time will have the option to pick up their passes at the pre-sale ticket counter located near the entrance of the Star Wars Authentics Autograph area at Celebration (Booth #141)

What does my pre-sale ticket entitle me to?

Each ticket entitles you to the following:

Autograph Ticket: The ability to obtain one autograph from the Star Wars talent listed on the ticket (all items subject to talent approval)

  • One 8x10 of the talent listed on the ticket
  • Authentication of the signed item from Authenticators, Inc. (only for Star Wars related items)

Photo Op Ticket: One 8x10 photo with the talent listed on the ticket

  • Up to four people may take part in Photo Op (any children under the age of 3)

Combo Ticket:

  • One Autograph ticket as described above
  • One Photo Op ticket as described above
  • One (1) $10 coupon to the Star Wars Authentics Celebration Store located within the Star Wars Authentics Autograph area at Celebration (Booth #141)

NOTE: None of the pre-sale Autograph, Photo Op or Combo tickets provide admission to Star Wars Celebration. Admission tickets can be obtained at