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Star Wars Celebration FAQ

I purchased my autograph/photo ticket online, what happens next?

All customers will be emailed “print at home” tickets starting 3/20/17 for each experience they have purchased. Combo autograph & photo ticket purchasers will receive three total tickets, one for the autograph line, one for the photo op and one for the store coupon. Customers can print this ticket at any time and bring to Star Wars Celebration.

Upon arrival at the Topps Authentics Autograph area at Celebration (Booth #141) fans with pre-printed tickets can proceed directly to the Photo Pick-up booth (located behind the Ticket Purchase desks) to select their free 8 x 10 photo for their autograph signing prior to queuing up for their signature.

Tickets for autographs and photo ops are only guaranteed to be honored on the date listed on the ticket. For autograph signings all tickets will list a GROUP letter ranging from A to E on them. There will be announcements on the booth message boards that will provide the time each GROUP should line up. To ensure an efficient process, we ask that you kindly wait until your GROUP letter is called. ONLY GROUP letters that have been called will be allowed to queue up.

I lost or can’t print my pre-sale ticket, what do I do?

Customers that have misplaced or can’t print their ticket ahead of time will have the option to pick up their passes at the pre-sale ticket counter located near the entrance of the Topps Authentics Autograph area at Celebration (Booth #141)

What does my pre-sale ticket entitle me to?

Each ticket entitles you to the following:

Autograph Ticket: The ability to obtain one autograph from the Star Wars talent listed on the ticket (all items subject to talent approval)

  • One 8x10 of the talent listed on the ticket
  • Authentication of the signed item from Authenticators, Inc. (only for Star Wars related items)

Photo Op Ticket: - One 8x10 photo with the talent listed on the ticket

  • Up to four people may take part in Photo Op

Combo Ticket: - One Autograph ticket as described above

  • One Photo Op ticket as described above
  • One $10 coupon to the Topps Authentics Celebration Store located within the Topps Authentics Autograph area at Celebration (Booth #141)

NOTE: None of the pre-sale Autograph, Photo Op or Combo tickets provide admission to Star Wars Celebration. Admission tickets can be obtained at

2017 Star Wars Authentics Celebration Volunteer Form

If you are interested in volunteering for 2017 Star Wars Celebration please complete the form below and someone will contact you. Shifts will be 5 hours long with a maximum of four (4) shifts total (one shift a day for four days). Volunteer work will potentially consist of the following: line management, ticket scanning, photo distribution, customer assistance. No assignments are guaranteed. All volunteers will be required to sign a waiver and pass a background check.

All fields marked * are required in order to process.